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We all forget things from time-to-time. So, Remindeo is here to help you remind yourself and others about important things such as work tasks, appointments, birthdays, anniversaries, annual renewals, things to-do and more...

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Remindeo's free reminders,
notes & lists will help you:

  • remember special occasions with anniversary or birthday reminders
  • remind yourself & others about appointments, renewals & things to-do
  • be reminded anywhere with text message reminders & email reminders
  • plan ahead or manage tasks using a reminder calendar & day planners
  • make notes & lists about anything that you want to remember


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Perfect for work, study & personal reminders

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How our notes & reminders work:

Use a reminder calendar, day planners, notes & lists to stay on top of your things to-do. Make notes about ideas, recipes, websites, things you like or anything that you want to remember.

Easy to use. Add reminders & notes on the Remindeo website, using your phone or by email. Get reminders by email, text message, phone call or by RSS. Import your Outlook calendar. Share notes via email, RSS, Facebook or Twitter.

Email reminders exactly how you want them, without a side order of spam...

1. You choose when & how often

As well as picking a time of day to send, reminder emails can be sent:

  • Once, or
  • Everyday, or
  • Weekly, or
  • Monthly, or
  • Every year

2. Remind in advance

One-off and Annual reminders can also be sent:

  • 14 days before, and/or
  • 5 days before, and/or
  • 1 day before, and/or
  • On the day

3. Free reminders, no limits

Add as many email reminders as you need - free of charge!

4. Remind others

Send reminders to other people and to yourself on additional email accounts. Perfect for managing deadlines, reminding people about appointments or reminding forgetful friends about your birthday!

5. Never get spam - we promise...

We will never share your details with third parties, ever. End of.

6. Easy to use at a quick glance

Reminder details appear in the email subject to make reminders easy to use at a quick glance, with the ability to add more in-depth info - such as gift lists, agendas or directions - inside the email itself.



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What Others Say:

"Forgetful types will appreciate this simple but effective reminder service... Remindeo’s smart interface makes it easy to use, and includes such handy features as an online calendar and birthday reminder wizard."
breakline Web User Magazine, UK
"The interface is intuitive and easy-to-use, allowing you to enter dates for virtually any appointment, event or task."
"If this is the Information Age, why is it so many of us forget so much information? This is where can help. Simply sign up for free, and then create reminders for yourself. Set a date and time for your reminder. You can have it sent as an email or to your mobile phone. Best of all, you can choose to send a reminder to someone else, say that your birthday is next week. Very handy."
breakline KYW Newsradio, Philadelphia

Remindeo is being used by people just like you - in many businesses, academic institutions and government departments - that include:

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