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With Remindeo notes you can:

  • Add an unlimited number of notes and lists
  • Add notes of any length or size
  • Add notes online, by sending an email or by using your iPhone
  • Give your notes a "Type" so that you can easily group and find them later
  • Download your notes via spreadsheet or RSS feed
  • Share your notes with others on Facebook, Twitter or by email
  • Sign up for free

Make notes and create lists about ideas, to-dos, recipes, meeting notes, things you like
or anything else that you don't need a reminder for, but you do want to remember later.

Adding a note is quick & easy

With Remindeo notes you can add a note using a simple form. In this example, we are adding a "recipe" to our notebook:

There are many other options available - for example, we could have created this note by sending an email into Remindeo or by using our iPhone.

Online note

Web Page Bookmarker

RSS 30 Day ListYou can use our free "Web Page Bookmarker" to automatically save web page names and web addresses to your notebook while you browse the web - without having to log in to Remindeo! Perfect if you are researching something or want to save a web page so you can find it later.

YouTubeIf you are watching an individual video on YouTube, click on the "Web Page Bookmarker" and the video will be automatically added to your notebook as well.

Using Remindeo for note taking is that easy! You can add, change, share and delete notes whenever you need...

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