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You can also make notes and create lists about ideas, to-dos, recipes, meeting notes, things you like or anything else that you don't need a reminder for, but you do want to remember.

How our reminders and notes work

We all forget things from time-to-time. So, Remindeo is here to help you remind yourself and others about important things such as work tasks, appointments, birthdays, anniversaries, annual renewals, things to-do and more...

Add any kind of reminder you need such as a birthday reminder, task reminder or an appointment reminder to come exactly when and where you need it - sent on email or to a mobile phone as a text message or phone call.

You can plan ahead with a reminder calendar and day planners.

You can also make notes and create lists about ideas, to-dos, recipes, meeting notes, things you like or anything else that you don't need a reminder for, but you do want to remember.

Add reminders & notes anywhere
Remindeo works everywhere!

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Whether you are using it for work or play, we understand that you want a service that is easy to use - so that you don't have to go looking for things or spend ages trying to work out how to do something.

Everyone says this, but our service *really* is simple and quick to use... and other people say that it is easy to use as well.

See how easy Remindeo is to use with our note taking, appointment reminder, task reminder and birthday reminder examples.



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Birthday reminders

Remindeo makes it really easy for you to remember birthdays. Sign up free and use our birthday reminder wizard to quickly add birthday reminders for all of your friends and family - by sending just one email - or - by automatically asking your friends on Facebook Facebook or your followers on  Twitter Twitter!

Free reminder calendar & day planners

Remindeo includes a reminder calendar and day planners, to help you get things done. View reminders by day, week or month.

RSS 30 Day List Subscribe to your calendar and day planners by RSS
Be reminded each day by RSS or use your feed as a to-do list.

Add reminders using your Outlook Calendar

If you use Outlook at work, you can use your Outlook Calendar to add simple reminders to Remindeo - taking your dates and reminders away with you.

Works with Outlook:  Outlook 2000 logo2000   Outlook 2003 logo2003   Outlook 2007 logo2007   Outlook 2010 logo2010

Preset reminders... we remember things, so that you don't have to!

Preset reminders are completely free and automatically remind you on email one week before public holidays, clock changes, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Halloween, Valentines and more. Each reminder email also contains some interesting and fun facts about the date you are being reminded about. They can of course be turned on and off at anytime as well.

Free online notebook

You can add notes and create lists about anything that you don't need a reminder for but you do want to remember. You can add as many notes as you want and they can be any length or size.

Optionally, you can share your notes with your friends on  Facebook Facebook, with your followers on  Twitter Twitter or by sending them to others by email.

RSS 30 Day List Use our free "Web Page Bookmarker" to automatically save web page names and web addresses to your notebook while you browse the web - without having to log in to Remindeo! Perfect if you are researching something or want to save a web page so you can find it later.

YouTubeIf you are watching an individual video on YouTube, click on the "Web Page Bookmarker" and the video will be automatically added to your notebook as well.

You can RSS 30 Day List subscribe to your notes by RSS  Notes spreadsheetor download them to a spreadsheet - take your notes wherever you need them!

You can give your notes a "Type" so you can easily group and find them later.

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Reminder reminder service dashboard

Text Message and Phone Call reminders


platforms and browsers supported by our reminder service

More than just a reminder email...

Once you have signed up, you can also send text message reminders or phone call reminders to yourself and other people by purchasing* text message credits. Be reminded and get an alert no matter where you are, at the exact time you specify!

Service available in 180+ countries on 400+ networks.

*Subject to network availability. Credits start from as little as £0.07 / $0.09 / €0.08 each.