Birthday reminders

Our birthday reminder service helps you:

Adding a birthday reminder is quick & easy

With the Remindeo reminder service you can either add a birthday reminder yourself or use our birthday reminder wizard.

If you choose to add birthday reminders yourself, all you have to do is fill in a simple reminder form.

In this example, we have entered the details for a birthday reminder for "Dad" to be sent to us every year as a reminder email:

Birthday reminder formBirthday Reminder FormBirthday Reminder FormBirthday Reminder Form

There are many other options available, for example, we could also send this birthday reminder to a mobile phone as a text reminder or to additional people on email. You could also include gift ideas or auto-add a map for directions to a birthday party!

Birthday reminder wizard

If you choose to use the birthday reminder wizard, all you have to do is send an automatically generated email to your family and friends.

When they click on the link in the email, they enter their birthday and the reminder will be set-up for you:

It really is that easy!

Birthday reminder calendar

As well as receiving reminders of birthdays, you can also use a calendar as a birthday reminder calendar:

Reminder Calendar

That is all there is to setting up a birthday alarm! You can stop, change, restart, delete or add other reminders whenever you need...

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