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Webuser magazine.

Web User Magazine, UK

"Forgetful types will appreciate this simple but effective reminder service... Remindeo’s smart interface makes it easy to use, and includes such handy features as an online calendar and birthday reminder wizard."

KYW Newsradio 1060.

KYW Newsradio, Philadelphia

"If this is the Information Age, why is it so many of us forget so much information? This is where Remindeo.com can help. Simply sign up for free, and then create reminders for yourself. Set a date and time for your reminder. You can have it sent as an email or to your mobile phone. Best of all, you can choose to send a reminder to someone else, say that your birthday is next week. Very handy."

Cool Site of the Day

Cool Site of the Day

Voted Top 4 September 2009



"The interface is intuitive and easy-to-use, allowing you to enter dates for virtually any appointment, event or task"

Fox Television Morning News, Houston, USA

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Remindeo is perfect for remembering personal things such as birthdays, but it is also great for business.
Remindeo is being used by people just like you - in many businesses, academic institutions and government departments - that include:

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...and lots and lots of small and growing businesses around the world.



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email reminders used by freelancer

How can Remindeo help?

For freelancers & self-employed people:

  • Remember to complete a task on 'Tuesday'
  • Don't forget your meeting at 2pm or another important deadline
  • Make notes when researching a project and share them with your clients
  • Remember to complete your invoicing, set-up payment reminders and do your accounts each month
  • Get an SMS reminder, with meeting location details, when on the road - arrive on time and in the right location!
  • Add a to-do list to help you plan your day

For business managers & project managers:

  • Ensure team members don't forget to file weekly timesheets - no need for a memo
  • Use our free note taking features to record meeting notes and share them with your team
  • Set up reminders to go to team members automatically when you are away on holiday
  • Use our reminder calendar to help manage tasks and manage project milestones
  • Remind freelancers, team members or home-workers about deadlines and include a brief
  • Remember to-do something important (as a project manager, you really mustn't forget!)
sms reminder used by manager
student getting reminders

For students:

  • Set-up your assignment schedule and get deadline reminders sent to you automatically
  • Remind your friends to come to your party and include directions
  • Remember to buy a new song on iTunes on Monday
  • Use Remindeo to safely store your school notes, class notes and study notes
  • Get a text message reminder so you remember to call home today
  • Store your favorite YouTube videos in your online notebook

For appointment makers & party, meeting or event planners:

  • Tell your friends about your birthday party and include email directions (or a list of the presents you want!)
  • Ensure your department don't forget to come to team meetings and include a memo or agenda
  • Remind customers, patients or visitors about appointments and check-ups
  • Reminders for clients about important events such as insurance expiry, regular car maintenance, doctor appointments (6 month dental check I'm looking at you!!)
text message reminders for meetings
personal reminders

For personal reminders and non-work life:

  • Send the kids a birthday alert on dad's birthday
  • Keep your recipes, ideas, and things you like in your own private notebook
  • Remind yourself to get your car serviced or set-up an oil change reminder
  • Get a reminder so you don't forget to pick-up the dry cleaning
  • Always remember your anniversary (no more tears!)
  • Remember to watch a TV show each week - no need for reminder stickers!
  • Include a gift reminder in birthday reminders so family know what to buy
  • Use preset reminders to get a Mother's Day reminder or Valentine's Day reminder

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