Add reminders...

Just by sending an email to Remindeo

You can also add notes by email and group them by type.

Add reminders by email

You can add "email reminders" to Remindeo anytime by simply sending us an email. It's just a quick 1-2...


Create an email to go to

Send your email to You can use any type of email service or email software, but your email must be sent from the same email address that you use when you log in to Remindeo.


Type your reminder into the email subject

Use one of the following options:

a) Add a one-off reminder

To add a reminder that comes to you just once, type the following into your email subject:

today dash your reminder   e.g.  Today-pick up dry cleaning
- or -
tomorrow dash your reminder   e.g.  tomorrow-renew car insurance
- or -
day dash your reminder   e.g.  Friday-Meeting with John Smith
- or -
next day dash your reminder   e.g.  next thursday-Deadline for client project
- or -
month day dash your reminder   e.g.  April 20-Buy John a birthday present

b) Add an annual reminder

To add a reminder that comes to you on the same day every year,
type the following into your email subject:

every month day dash your reminder   e.g.  every april 25-John's Birthday

Reminders added via email will be sent to you on email early morning "5 days before" and "on the day" - or - in the next "sending" time slot (early morning, around lunch or late afternoon) if you added it "today" to be sent "today".

This helps you to plan ahead or to use your inbox as a to-do list!

Remindeo works everywhere!

add reminders by email

Remindeo on your mobile phone

Works on most mobile phones - including the iPhone (use "Safari"), Android phones (use "Internet"), Windows phones

  • Quickly & easily add reminders
  • Plan ahead & view reminder details with a '14 day planner'
  • Add or read notes

Go to

Want to get reminders on your phone? Apart from our email reminder service you can receive or send text message and phone call reminders >

add reminders from your phone

Add reminders on Facebook

Visit and "Like" our page at - or - search for "Remindeo" in Facebook.

Then just click on the "Add new reminder" link in the left hand menu on our Facebook page.

If you use the "Keep me logged in" feature when logging in, you will be able to access these options right away, anytime you are on Facebook.

If you get a Remindeo log in form when you click on "Add new reminder"
in the menu, simply log in using the same email address and password
that you use on

Go to

add reminders on facebook