Task reminders

Our task reminder service helps you:

Adding a task reminder is quick & easy

With the Remindeo reminder service you can add a task reminder using a simple reminder form.

In this example, we have entered the details for a "Deadline" for "The Reminder Project ":

Task and deadline reminderTask and deadline reminderTask and deadline reminderTask and deadline reminder

There are many other options available, for example, we could also send this reminder to mobile phones as a text reminder and send it to multiple team members on email so they all get reminders of project deadlines.

Task calendar

As well as being able to manage your tasks and teams through reminders, you can also use a calendar as a to-do list to view all of your reminders of deadlines in one place:

Reminder Calendar

Using Remindeo for task management and as a to-do list via the built in calendar really is that easy! You can stop, change, restart, delete or add other reminders whenever you need...

Remindeo is being used by people just like you - in many businesses, academic institutions and government departments - that include:

Organisations using Remindeo

...and lots and lots of small and growing businesses around the world.

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