Got a reminder by mistake or want to stop reminders?

Don't worry, you can stop them anytime.

Not getting your email reminders?

Most people get our email reminders without any problems. If you use a spam / junk email filter, we still recommend that you add to your e-mail address book or safe list.

What time are reminders sent?

Text message reminders are sent at an exact time that you specify (subject to availability).

Email remimders can be sent:

Need to change your personal details, email address or phone number?

You can change your details anytime in the "Your Account" section.

Need to change a reminder or note?

You can change, copy, stop and delete reminders and notes whenever you need.

Need to shut down your account?

We hope to you stay forever of course, but you can leave anytime.

Forgotten your password?

Don't worry, we can send you a new one.

Still need help?

The questions above cover most of the support questions we get, but if you still need help about "anything" else then please do contact us.
We are always happy to help.