Make sure you get your email reminders

Most people get our email reminders without any problems. If you use a spam / junk email filter, we still recommend that you add to your e-mail address book or safe list to ensure you get your email reminders. Here's how:


Google MailGMail / Google Mail

You will need to add our email addresses to your Google Gmail Contacts:

Once signed in, click "Contacts" on the left side.

Click the "Add" button (a square button with a + and a "person" in it).

Type: into the "Email" box (in the right hand column) and then click the word "Add" that is just above this email box.

Type: into the "Email" box and then click the word "Add" again.

Type: into the new "Email" box that has appeared.

Click the "Save" button (found at the top of the same column as the email boxes).


hotmailHotmail / Windows Live

Once signed in, click ‘Options’ in the top right of your screen.

Click on "Safe and blocked senders" under "Junk e-mail".

Click on "Safe Senders "

Type into the box and then click "Add to list".


Microsoft OutlookOutlook

Click on "Actions" in the top menu and select "Junk E-mail" followed by "Junk E-mail Options".

A pop-up box will appear. Click on the "Safe Senders" tab and then on the "Add" button.

Type into the box that appears: and then click "OK".


Yahoo! MailYahoo! Mail

Sign into your Yahoo! email account.

Click on "Options" (top right).

Click on "Filters" (in the middle area of the page).

Click "Add Filter".

In the top row - labelled as "From header" - check that "contains" is selected in the drop-down menu.

Click in the text box next to this drop-down menu and type:

At the bottom, where it says "Then..." - next to "Move the message to" in the drop down menu below, select "Inbox".

Click the "Add Filter" button bottom left.


Using Remindeo at work?

If you are using Remindeo at work, your organisation may have it's own spam filtering system in place (outside of your own computer). If this is the case, all you have to do is ask your Systems Administrator to add to your internal safe list.


Your email package / anti-virus or spam service not listed?

Please refer to the help section of your email software / service - or - your spam / anti-virus software. Instructions will be listed under address book, contacts, safe lists, junk or spam. You just need to add to your email address book / safe list and then you are good to go!


Sending reminders to others

If someone is not getting your reminders, get them to check that they are not in their spam / junk mail folder. If they are, get them to identify the reminders as not being spam (if they are unsure how to do this, they should refer to the help section of their email software / service - or - their spam / anti-virus software).

Asking them to add Remindeo to their email address book or safe list using the instructions above can also help.

Never send a reminder to someone without their permission.